FlexSavers starts at $59.99 & saves you on change fees

Whether you’re traveling for work or pleasure, sometimes you need the flexibility of being able to change or cancel your travel plans, especially your flights. FlexSaver is our new protection plan that allows you to make a one-time change or cancellation of your flight(s) for only $59.99* -- and it’s only available when you make your reservation.

That’s right, purchase FlexSaver when you book your flight to protect you from being charged full fees later should you need to change or cancel your flight(s). You can purchase FlexSaver online, at the ticket counter or by calling our Reservation Center at 801-401-9100 – but it’s only available when you book your ticket. If you don’t buy it then, you’ll pay the full $200 fee to change or cancel later.

Please note that changes to your reservation using the FlexSaver product cannot be processed online. If you need to make a FlexSaver change to your travel itinerary, you must contact our Reservation Center at 801-401-9100, 7 days a week between 6am and 9pm (EST).

Freedom Fares

Did you know that Silver offers No Change Fees on flights to/from Tallahassee, Key West, Bimini and Nassau? Flights to these destinations are covered through our Freedom Fares giving you the flexibility to change your mind and your plans.

No change fees to/from Key West

FlexSaver FAQs

Can I only change my flight for the same day as my original flight, and only to flights that cost the same or less than my original flight?

Can I only switch to an earlier flight, or may I take a later one?

Can I purchase FlexSaver for a sale fare?

Does FlexSaver only apply to roundtrip ticket purchases, or does it also apply to one-way tickets?

How much notice do I have to give that I want to change my flight?

If I miss my flight, can I use FlexSaver™ to switch to a later flight that day?

Is there an option or a fee that allows me to change my flight multiple times?

What happens if the flight I switch to is cancelled?

What happens if the same fare seats are not available on the new flight I want?

What happens to FlexSaver if I don’t use it?

What is the difference between FlexSaver and Allianz Trip Insurance?


Terms and Conditions

FlexSaver can only be purchased for new reservations. Tickets and FlexSaver are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once purchased in conjunction with air travel, FlexSaver waives the $200 change fee for a non-refundable ticket but any difference in fare from the original ticket will be charged to the customer. Changes or cancellations to the original ticket must be made by calling 801-401-9100 between 6am and 9pm EST, and must be made prior to scheduled departure time or the entire value of the ticket is forfeited. FlexSaver is offered during purchases made for Silver Airways tickets bought via our website, Reservations Center, or our airport locations. Fares, routes, fees, and schedules are subject to change without notice. All Silver Airways’ flights, including those with the FlexSaver option, remain subject to Silver Airways’ baggage policy found at: silverairways.com - Optional Fees.